Petralia Soprana, the new Council takes office, Laura Sabatino elected president

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The new Municipal Council of Petralia Soprana, elected on 12 June last, took office yesterday.
The forum elected Prime Minister Laura Sabatino and his deputy Rita Velardi.
The groups have nominated their representatives.
The list “Together towards the Future” which obtained the majority of the directors and appointed group leader Francesca Librizzi which will be assisted by Giuseppe Macalusowhile the minority list “SiAmo Petralia Soprana” has designated the parent company Leo Agnello and his Deputy Giuseppe la Placa.

In the same session, the new mayor Pietro Macaluso, reconfirmed for the third time by the citizens of Petralia Soprana, presented the councilors who will assist him in the next five years of administration.
It is about Giovanna Cerami who will deal with Social Welfare Services – Equal Opportunities – Family – Social Policies – Public Education and Youth Policies; Carmelo Conte which has been entrusted with the Handicraft and Commerce – Productive Activities – Sport, Tourism and Entertainment – Culture – Digitization – Computer network on the territory – Volunteering; Leonardo La Placa continues to maintain Territory Ecology Environment – Work – Agriculture and Forests – Municipal heritage maintenance – Network services – Public Green; Pietro Puleo appointed deputy mayor, he is responsible for Public Works – Urban Planning – Litigation – Community Fund Planning – Renewable Energy – Relations with the Municipal Council.
Mayor Pietro Macaluso kept for himself the Personnel – Public Health and Hygiene – Civil Protection – Municipal Police – Budget and taxes – Supra-Municipal and Community Policies.

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