Perugia and a bizarre 2022: Palermo’s future opponents are in clear recovery

Even the next opponent of the rosanero, Perugia, has gone through a particular year. A vintage with a two-faced trend. Perugia led today by the veteran Castori, in mid-October – the day after the third knockout with Silvio Baldini at the helm – had collected 4 points in nine games. On the other hand Castori, who had started the championship on the griffins’ bench, had said it in the press conference on the eve of that Palermo Perugia which opened the championship dances: ”Our goal is salvation”. And he wasn’t wrong.

So, after a disastrous start, for a few weeks the Umbrians have put in place a slow but gradual and constant recovery first of all in physical condition and consequently also in results, being able to ring together 4 wins, 3 draws in two and a half months and 3 defeats, only 1 in the last 6 games, with 11 goals scored and only 10 passive.

And the icing on the cake of a bizarre 2022 came thanks to the victory in Benevento, which allowed Castori’s boys to leave last place. And there are those, like coach Walter Novellino, who argue that not only is Perugia constantly rising, but that it can even be favored for the final playoffs. In any case, continuing to travel at the Castori-bis average, 1.5 points per game would save salvation in the carriage: the projection following the numbers would be around 48-50 final points. The only datum that remains negative, despite the considerable growth, remains that of the attack. Perugia today is the second worst attack in the cadet championship, only 16 goals after 19 days. Only the Citadel did worse, signing only 13.
But the performance of the red and white team in the last two months inspires a lot of confidence and the red and white team does not intend to stop.

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