Pergolizzi on pole for the Palermo bench, Castagnini-Cristallini ballot for the ds


Other than confusion: a matter of hours and the Hera Hora should officially present itself to the world of football and to all the Rosanero people. No hitch, no grain, nothing to do with the past: the Mirri-Di Piazza tandem has everything under control and soon it will also receive the OK from the League to register for the next Serie D championship. Saturday morning instead of the entrepreneur Palermo in the company of the Italian-American property developer and Rinaldo Sagramola should finally reveal the names of the next coach and the new ds. Pergolizzi ready to color rosanero. Then it will start to get serious with the gathering on August 7th in the city and a few days later (August 12th) the transfer to Petralia Sottana, a location chosen by the club for the pre-season retreat. Meanwhile Colella calls Mirri to become the main sponsor of the rosanero club.

Only the last pieces from … are missing

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