People with disabilities, open center for inclusion, socialization, recovery

Editorial staff 15 September 2021 13:41

Share A day center to promote the inclusion, socialization, recovery of men and women with disabilities. It was opened and is in full operation in Sciacca at the headquarters of the Arcobaleno cooperative which was awarded the service financed under law 328. The center welcomes eleven people indicated by the Mental Health Center for three hours a day and for five days. They are involved daily in various activities such as music therapy, art therapy, cooking workshops, with experts in the sector. The initiative is by the Municipality of Sciacca, in collaboration with the Mental Health Center and Neuropsychiatry. The councilor for Social Policies Gisella Mondino and the municipal social workers, Salvina Cortese and Tonina Vaccaro visited the structure, meeting the staff and citizens who use the service of a project that has been called “The garden”.

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