Pelligra invests in Solarino to export Sicilian products.

An agreement has been signed between Pelligra Italia Holding and the municipality of Solarino, in Syracuse, for the construction of several factories in the artisanal zone. The aim is to transform and sell typical local products with a multi-million euro investment, as well as promoting cultural exchanges between Italy and Australia and organizing events. The agreement was signed by the Mayor of Solarino, Giuseppe Germano, and the CEO of the Pelligra group, Giovanni Caniglia, in the presence of the Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs Giorgio Silli and national parliamentarian Saverio Romano. The Pelligra group, headed by Ross Pelligra, is an international entrepreneurial company based in Australia and operates worldwide. Pelligra has decided to invest in Solarino due to his father’s origins in the area, and the company aims to create jobs and economic development in the city. The project will involve the renovation of seven warehouses, totaling nearly 3,000 square meters, to accommodate the production and commercialization of local products, creating opportunities for local artisans and workers. This initiative is seen as a significant commitment from a major company to support the local economy and the promotion of Italian products worldwide.

Pelligra investe a Solarino per esportare i prodotti tipici siciliani

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