Pd deputy questions quality of healthcare available to boss

The Sicilian healthcare system is a leaky sieve. This is evident from today’s police raid coordinated by the Palermo DDA, which resulted in the arrest of 3 more facilitators of the boss Messina Denaro. Despite being on the run for over 30 years, he managed to be admitted to a public hospital in Mazara del Vallo during the Covid emergency, with all the related restrictions imposed by the pandemic. What is even more incredible is that he was scheduled for a CT scan on November 20th, but it was moved up to the 13th and then the 10th of the same month. This is according to Anthony Barbagallo, the regional secretary of the Sicilian Democratic Party and secretary of the national Anti-Mafia commission.

This MP has submitted an inquiry to the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Health on this matter. We are in an era of widespread deaths and a management of the health emergency that has revealed critical issues and inadequacies in controls, which have been shown to be superficial if not non-existent. Knowing that a fugitive and ruthless boss can receive specialist visits and exams undisturbed, possibly even bypassing others who were on the waiting list before him, is not only perplexing and infuriating but also demonstrates the need to intervene to make the healthcare system more efficient.

This includes abolishing waiting lists and preventing individuals from favoring friends and friends of friends, as happened in this case.

Barbagallo: «Indigna la sanità a disposizione del boss», il deputato Pd presenta un’interrogazione

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