“Pay overtime to the mortuary police, they've been waiting for 7 months”

Editorial staff 27 September 2021 11:54

Share “For seven months the mortuary police on duty in the cemeteries of Palermo have been waiting for the payment of the overtime carried out to cope with an unprecedented emergency”. The complaint comes from Roberto Benigno, union manager of the CISL Fp Palermo Trapani, who with a note requested the intervention of the Prefect of Palermo, Giuseppe Forlani, of the mayor Leoluca Orlando and of the municipal management, to “protect an essential right provided for by the regulations contractual as well as common sense “. “For too long, operators have been reassured about the imminent disbursement of these sums – adds Benigno – and every time the promises are broken. This staff, aware of the current difficulties, has never lost their indispensable contribution, showing a commendable sense of duty. It is time for them to be paid what is due without further ballet ”.

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