Patti, bad weather surprises a group of bathers near the Mongiove caves

Moments of fear for eight swimmers which, after reaching a small beach nearby to the caves of Mongiovein Patti, due to the sudden worsening of sea conditions, they launched a call for help via their mobile phones.

Bathers have alerted the number of the operations room of the harbor master of Milazzo which ordered the immediate dispatch of a patrol boat and a coast guard rescuer. After a short time the two naval units reached the eight swimmers in a sea area characterized at that time by many waves which, with the presence of the rockscould create serious dangers to the unfortunate.

With the help of Rescue Swimmera rescuer specialized in the recovery of people in difficulty due to sea conditions, it was possible to rescue the swimmersall in good physical condition, who have left behind a situation that could become very dangerous.

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