Patron Saint of Carabinieri Celebrated in Palermo

The 82nd anniversary of the battle of Culqualber and the day of the orphan were celebrated in the church of Gesù di Casa Professa in Palermo, the patron saint of the Carabinieri. The Bishop of Monreale, Gualtiero Isacchi, presided over the mass, attended by high-ranking military and religious authorities, as well as members of the Carabinieri and family of fallen soldiers. The event concluded with the presentation of silver plaques to new graduates and students supported by the national assistance program for the orphans of Carabinieri soldiers. During the ceremony, the legion commander emphasized the importance of loyalty and honoring one’s duties with honor, and highlighted the characteristics of a Carabiniere as being characterized by generosity, humanity, humility, and consideration for the lives of others.

Celebrata la patrona dei carabinieri a Palermo

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