Pasta with amberjack sauce – delicious Sicilian recipe


First dishes

In life we ​​are all born with a passion; my father's was fishing. He had a little small boat with which, often, he watched the sunrise to be in the places he knew, exactly at the right time. Sometimes there were so many fish he fished that he would gladly give them to friends and relatives. When it was "amberjack time" my house gave off scents that could be heard from miles away.

The amberjack is known as "the queen of the sea" for its delicate and tasty meats and the recipes with which to prepare this goodness are really numerous. I immediately leave some like Ricciola in the oven and Ricciola al cartoccio, two amazing second courses. Today, however, I want to present you a first course that is second to none in terms of fragrances: le Pasta with amberjack sauce. Here, if you have guests at lunch to show your affection or diners in whose regards you want to "figure", as we say, this is the right dish. Obviously a very fresh freshly caught fish is a must, followed by a nice bunch of juicy and fragrant tomatoes and fresh and minced flavors at the moment and … please, let me know what you think.

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