Pasta alla cucunciata recipe


First dishes

With the Pasta alla cucunciata let's jump in the Aeolian archipelago and exactly on the island of Salina. The kitchen of the Aeolian Islands presents characteristics of uniqueness and uniqueness resulting from contaminations between maritime and peasant traditions. Dishes and recipes evoke the salty scents of the sea, the colors of the territory and the fragrances of aromatic herbs, first of all capers.

Indeed, the protagonist of the recipe is i cucunci, that is the fruits of the caper plant once the flowering is over. Pasta alla cucunciata is a triumph of flavors, aromas and colors typical of Sicilian cuisine. Cherry tomatoes, black olives, peppers, salted anchovies, aubergines, basil and grated pecorino are mixed together to create a succulent dish with a strong personality.

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