Passante and railway ring, here is the state of the art. Palace: "The extension of viale Francia" is coming soon.


Short times to start work on viale Francia, medium for vicolo Bernava, and long for the Lazio stop. These are some of the indications of the engineer Filippo Palazzo, manager of the Italian Railway Network of works in the area of ​​Palermo, who updated the schedule of some works connected to the works of the passer and of the railway ring, during a meeting on mobility and urban redevelopment organized by the M5S national deputy Adriano Varrica.

Specifically, here is a summary of the status of the construction sites open or still to be opened: relative to the works pertaining to railway passer, let's start from plug of vicolo Bernava, where a geological contingency has prevented digging the last 60 meters of the tunnel for years. It is currently the second call for tenders is in progress (the first one failed a few weeks ago) for the demolition of the damaged buildings, this time open …

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