“PAssaggi”, the work of Benedetto Poma completes the installations at the Mascalucia Octagon

Editorial board
06 July 2021 4:01 pm

With the work “L’Armonia degli Otto” by the artistic director Benedetto Poma, the exhibition project “PAssaggi” is enriched by the latest permanent installation created at L’Ottagono di Mascalucia. “My idea was to create a visual and emotional protection – explains the master Poma – with the aim of giving the project a double value: on the one hand it is a way to bring art to the places of our daily life, from other I try to lead the visitor by the hand through the history of Sicily, what we have been, and above all, what we have forgotten about our past. Our starting point is the advent of the Norman dynasty who conquered the island freeing it from the yoke of the Muslims ”. The work takes us back to a time when science and alchemy were still inextricably linked: “There is a common thread that unites the concept of the work and its symbolism – comments Poma – and it is the theme of the number eight and its geometric figure, the Octagon, the polygonal figure that approaches the perfection of the circumference. The viewer, along the exhibition wall will find several quotes concerning characters who have made the history of Sicily and the places linked to it. Sacred geometries and maps to be deciphered that return a magical and legendary dimension, but which find concrete evidence that has remained until today, especially in the architectural works scattered around our island. And in fact in the work we find the façade of the Church of San Salvatore in Mazara del Vallo where the conquest of Ruggero I is represented, then the detail of the octagonal drum of the Church of the Badia di Sant’Agata and also the reference to the legend linked to the acronym NOPAQUIE, present in the prospectus of the Cathedral of Catania dedicated to the Patron Agata – explains Poma – abbreviation of the phrase ‘Noli offendere Patriam Agathae quia ultrix iniuriarum est’ which literally means ‘do not offend the homeland of Agata, because it is the avenger of every injustice’. This phrase is linked to the figure of Frederick II’s passage to Catania who really wanted to destroy the city to punish the people of Catania who refused to submit to the imperial crown “. There are many architectural citations and clues to decipher that the visitor will find in the work of the master Poma: “On the upper part there are two colored domes with Caltagirone majolica and next to it there is a juggler holding colored spheres turquoise. The position of the spheres forms a hidden map of the Frederick manors in Sicily. For the realization of the work I used 10 of my paintings fused and recomposed specifically for the exhibition spaces of Ottagono “, explained the artist who is currently on display with his works at the Diocesan Museum of Caltagirone, in Noto for the Artists of Sicily curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, while in December he will arrive at the Great Egyptian Museum in Cairo where he will attend the donation of his painting dedicated to the pharaoh Tutankhamun. “I enthusiastically welcomed the idea of ​​the Lo Faro cousins ​​and the artistic direction of“ Passaggi ”- he concludes – because it is a path that aims to bring art back into the places of everyday social life”. The permanent installations, which can also be visited at Ottagono in Mascalucia, are “Signs of time” by Demetrio Di Grado, Inside “I noctambuli” by Sofia Orleans ”and“ Communicate Happiness ”by Agata Montesano. The public presentation event of the “PAssaggi” project will be held on 23 July 2021, at the Ottagono Bar in Corso San Vito in Mascalucia. Starting from 7.30 pm the Lo Faro cousins, creators and promoters of the project, together with the artists who created the works, will meet visitors and art lovers. The exhibition project will also be attended by 8 photographers who will take turns, over two years, exhibiting their works in the Ottagono bar. The first photographic exhibition, which will remain on display until August 31, 2021, is by Emily Gallè, with “One Volcano, different faces”.

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