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  • Finance is Catania ballroom manager complaint
  • Seized audio system and discovered three katana sabers after the search
  • High 28 fines in anti-covid checks

The Finance Police of Provincial Command of Catania it raised 28 administrative sanctions and controlled 74 commercial establishments that were in compliance with the regulations in force in the last week, employing 161 soldiers organized in 77 patrols in the territory of the province.

Romanian party interrupted

Fără reguli (without rules) is the event organized for a large group of Romanian citizens, on the night of April 25, in a “disco” villa near Catania, by a man from Catania. Upon their arrival, the Fiamme Gialle found themselves in front of a packed ballroom complete with loud music that enhanced the evening from the early hours. The military identified the participants in the musical entertainment for the most part of Romanian nationality to whom they challenged the fine of 400 euros each.

Seized 3 sabers

3 katana-type sabers were also found hidden in the building. It is a very sharp single-edged, curved blade, white weapon, approximately 60 centimeters long, mainly wielded with two hands by the legendary samurai.

Reported the owner

For the illegal opening of places of public entertainment or entertainment and the illegal possession of weapons, the owner of the property as well as organizer of the musical event was referred to the Public Prosecutor of the Etna Republic. At the same time, the capital goods for the illegal operation of the “disco” such as computers, mixers, audio speakers, amplifiers as well as bottles of beer and spirits were seized.

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