Partinico, the “Fardazzas” and the cocaine trafficking: 400 years asked for 34 defendants

The Dda of Palermo has asked for the sentence of over 4 centuries in prison for 34 people accused in various capacities of mafia association, corruption, drug trafficking and damage. The process is celebrated in abbreviated form and stems from an investigation which, in 2021 led to 85 precautionary measures, conducted by the Carabinieri of Partinico. Among the excellent names finished under investigation Michael Vital, exponent of the Vitale mafia family, historic heads of the mafia district, nicknamed “Fardazza” in Cosa Nostra. For Vitale, the prosecutors have asked for 15 years in prison.

Years of wiretaps, stakeouts and old-fashioned investigations without any help from repentants. Also because those arrested there was just a collaborator of justice: Giusy Vitaleformer head of the district, sister of the godparents Vitus And Leonard Vitale, whom he replaced at the top of the clan after his arrest. Vitale, who is tried separately with the ordinary rite, would have been at the center of a maxi drug trafficking together with her nephew Michael Casarrubia (for which 18 years were asked). In 2018 they allegedly handled the purchase of a large amount of cocaine with William’s Council, called Claudio Casamonica, a leading figure in the Roman clan of the same name, who later died of Covid. The meeting, fully recorded by the investigators, was also attended by the then collaborator of justice, now accused of having purchased cocaine from Calabrian suppliers in Milan and Bergamo.

The investigation, which also shed light on the relationship between local politicians and the bosses – the Municipality of Partinico was dissolved for mafia reasons – revealed the favors that a prison guard did to the inmate boss Francesco Nania. In exchange for food, clothing and discounts on petrol, the man, arrested for corruption, helped the mafia boss get orders from him outside. The defendant chose the ordinary procedure.

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