Partinico shop of mafia boss’s son targeted in attack

Explanation of the article:

An unsettling arson attack occurred on Saturday night in Partinico, where the shop of the son of the deceased boss Giovanni Bonomo was targeted. Around 2 o’clock in the morning yesterday (March 10), someone placed a tire in front of the Golden Point shop on Corso dei Mille, near the church of San Giuseppe, and set it on fire. The fire was contained to the entrance of the commercial activity. The damages are still being assessed, but they are significant as the smoke has blackened walls, merchandise, and furnishings throughout the store.

The business, which sells clothing and accessories, is run by Antonio Bonomo, a fifty-year-old from Partinico, who has also had some legal issues in the past.

A full report by Michele Giuliano can be found in today’s edition of the Giornale di Sicilia in Palermo.

Partinico, attentato nel negozio del figlio di un capomafia

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