Partinico crime and conviction appeal by both prosecution and defense

The trial will continue, as both the prosecution and the defense will appeal against the conviction of Raffaele Nazzareno Monte. The judges ruled that there was no premeditation or vile and futile motives in the murder of 88-year-old Leonardo Lauriano. This has led to Monte being sentenced to 14 years and 10 months, avoiding the life imprisonment requested by the prosecutor. The defense plans to appeal, as the pathologist believes that multiple people with different weapons may have been responsible for the murder. The prosecution, on the other hand, may seek to increase the defendant’s sentence. The victim’s niece and sister were awarded damages. According to the reconstruction of the events, Monte murdered Lauriano due to desperation over his debts. These debts led to him losing his house in a judicial auction. The victim was found dead with 63 stab wounds, and Monte’s alibi was refuted by video surveillance footage. This story has raised suspicions and the investigation will continue through the appeal process.

Il delitto di Partinico e la condanna senza aggravanti, faranno ricorso sia l’accusa che la difesa

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