Partinico battles over confiscated property in Borgo Parrini: Municipality revokes contract, cooperative vows appeal

The social cooperative Noe is contesting the decision of the mayor of Partinico to revoke a confiscated property from the mafia. They plan to defend themselves legally and are calling on society to join their protest. The cooperative had been managing the property for years, engaging in agricultural, social, and anti-mafia activities. However, the revocation came after a police raid during an event organized by the cooperative, resulting in administrative and health violations. Despite this, the cooperative argues that the revocation was not warranted according to their agreement with the municipality. The mayor had previously expressed vigilance in overseeing the management of confiscated properties.

Partinico, guerra sul bene confiscato a Borgo Parrini: il Comune revoca l’affidamento, la coop annuncia ricorso

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