Parmonval defeat of measure in Mazara

The fourth of group A of the Championship of Excellence in Sicily proved to be very bitter for the Palermo teams of the tournament, all took to the field today except for the Oratorio San Ciro and San Giorgio whose challenge against Enna scheduled in Marineo is was postponed due to the positivity to Covid of some members of the opposing team.

The double crossing with the Mazara teams does not smile to the Palermo women. Parmonval loses far away from home against Mazara. Going ahead with Serio’s goal in the second half, the biancazzurro club was joined by Sene’s yellow-blue equal: Elamraoui’s penalty converted in the 74th minute set the result at 2-1 final. A bitter day also for Monreale who lost 1-0 at home against Mazarese: Erbini’s first half decided the match. Therefore, the hunt for the first victory for the biancazzurro club continues. Similar speech also applies to Cus Palermo who lost 2-0 at Bruccoleri against Pro Favara: Cocuzza’s free-kick in the first half and Bamba’s goal in the second half were decisive: the Giallorossi lost their unbeaten run in the league. The only acute for the Palermo team arrives in Castellammare where Don Carlo Misilmeri beats the hosts 2-0 thanks to goals from Cerniglia and Mondino. The red and white thus rise to nine points in the wake of the leading trio made up of Canicattì, Nissa and Mazarese. DAY 4 RESULTS Castellammare Calcio-Don Carlo Misilmeri 0-2: 37 ‘Cerniglia, 41′ Mondino Mazara-Parmonval 2-1: 52′ Serio; 63′ Sene, 74’ Elamraoui Monreale-Mazarese 0-1: 38 ‘Erbini San Ciro e Giorgio Oratory – Enna: postponed Pro Favara- Cus Palermo 2-0: 30 ‘Cocuzza; 65 ‘Bamba THE RANKING Canicattì, Nissa, Mazarese 10; Misilmeri 9; Castellammare, Mazara, Akragas 7; Sciacca 5, Enna 4 *, Parmonval 4; Pro Favara, Cus Palermo 3; Marineo 2 *; Monreale, Marsala, Casteltermini 1. One game less

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