park the car and find it all scratched

Editorial staff 28 September 2021 08:01

Share From Canicattì to Favara to attend a course for Oss. But in Favara, in Viale Aldo Moro where he had left his Mercedes C200 parked, his car was damaged. Someone, without being seen or even less heard, perhaps armed with a nail, scratched the bodywork in several places. A 45-year-old unemployed man from Canicattì ended up in the “crosshairs” of the vandals, a man who has already filed a complaint, against unknown persons, at the police station of his city. The damage would have been made in recent days, during the afternoon hours. The forty-five-year-old had, in fact, left his Mercedes C200 parked in Viale Aldo Moro and had gone to attend the course for Oss. At the exact moment of taking the car back, the discovery: the four doors, the mudguards and the two bumpers, but also the front and rear bonnets, had been scratched, and also with violence. Heavy damage to the Mercedes bodywork. Damage which, however, was covered by the relevant insurance policy. Having acquired the complaint from the owner of the car, the policemen of the Canicattì police station started investigations to try to give a name and surname to the author of that damage. It is not excluded – but there are no institutional confirmations – that as a first investigative step, the agents have already checked the possible presence of video surveillance cameras in the point of Viale Aldo Moro where the subcompact was left. Favara, however, is not equipped, at least on a public level, with a video surveillance system of the city. However, there are private plants placed to oversee many, indeed many, commercial activities.

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