Parents appeal for support after daughter dies from overdose

The parents of Keila Campo, a 33-year-old woman from Ribera who died of a drug overdose, have written a letter urging people not to leave young people who turn to drugs to cope with life’s difficulties alone. Keila’s body was found in her family’s country house with a syringe, 60 grams of cocaine, and some banknotes. The investigation to find out who supplied the fatal dose of drugs is ongoing. Keila’s secular funeral took place in Ribera, and the community is shaken by the tragedy. This is the third overdose death in the area in recent years, prompting the local priest to establish a support center for families. An organization will also start hosting monthly meetings for parents of teenagers to address the issue of drug use.

Morta per overdose a Ribera, appello dei genitori: «Non lasciamo soli i ragazzi»

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