Paolo Borsellino’s intimacy: short film “Summer Nights” premieres at Catania Film Fest

Sicilian director Riccardo Cannella’s short film “Notti d’estate” will have its national premiere at the Catania Film Fest, a festival focusing on independent cinema and Mediterranean culture. The film, starring Francesco Foti and Manuela Ventura, is part of the Italian short film competition and tells an intimate story related to the late Sicilian magistrate Paolo Borsellino. The film explores Borsellino’s private life in a departure from the usual portrayals of him as a prosecutor. The director aims to capture the protagonist’s emotions and experiences during summer nights, offering a different perspective on Borsellino’s memory. The film also reflects the desire for freedom and features the city of Palermo at night, highlighting the character’s curiosity and engagement with his surroundings. The screenplay was written by Giuseppe Paternò Raddusa and the film is a production of Cinnamon, in collaboration with Dobago Film and with support from various institutions including the Sicilian Region, the Sicilia Film Commission, and the municipalities of Molfetta and Palermo. “Notti d’estate” has been selected for other international short film festivals and has received positive recognition for its unique storytelling.

L’intimità di Paolo Borsellino: il cortometraggio «Notti d’estate» in prima nazionale al Catania Film Fest

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