Pantelleria woman burned by partner during bar argument

A dispute in Pantelleria turns into a tragedy, as a 48-year-old woman is in critical condition. Her partner, a 51-year-old Palermo native named Onofrio Bronzolino, is under arrest in the hospital. Last night, he allegedly poured gasoline on his companion and set her on fire. The woman is currently hospitalized with severe burns on 90% of her body at Palermo’s Civil Hospital Burn Center. The partner suffered facial burns from the resulting fireball and may become blind. The Carabinieri of Pantelleria and the Trapani Provincial Command are conducting investigations, maintaining utmost confidentiality. The family history was marked by frequent disputes, though no formal complaints were ever made. The 48-year-old woman was previously married and had five children. Her former husband faced a drug charge in the past. The couple lived on Via Maggiuluvedi, not far from the town center. The argument apparently began at a well-known bar in Pantelleria and escalated upon returning home. What seemed like a typical jealousy scene turned into a tragedy. The man had a bottle of gasoline at home, which he used to set fire to the woman. Fear and disbelief spread among the apartment building residents. Someone called the firefighters, who arrived promptly. Meanwhile, the tenants evacuated the building, fearing an explosion from the gas cylinder the couple likely had in the kitchen. The 118 ambulance from Bernardo Nagar Hospital in Pantelleria was immediately called, and the woman’s condition appeared grave from the start. She was transferred by ambulance to the airport, where a helicopter was already waiting. This morning, the partner was also transferred to Palermo by helicopter. The neighbors who attempted to help are still haunted by the image of the poor woman reduced to a human torch. Despite occasional arguments, they claim they could have never imagined such a tragic outcome. At the time of the incident, only one daughter was present. The other children, all from the woman’s previous marriage, now live separately in different areas of the island.

Pantelleria, la donna bruciata dal compagno: la lite era cominciata in un bar

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