Pantelleria, Almanza honey from the killer bee: now the focus is on European markets

Not only zibibbo, not only oil but also honey. Pantelleria confirms its agricultural genetics with a unique production of an equally unique professional beekeeper present on the island. His name is Denny Almanza, he’s 34 years old and a Coldiretti farmer and he has the determination of someone who wants to maintain the island’s heritage by making known a product with extraordinary qualities like honey. I am not a single product but various elixirs of heather, strawberry tree, Sicilian tea, prickly pear, myrtle and eucalyptus. A large productive basket to make the most of all the Pantelleria productions, including spontaneous ones, all thanks to the industriousness of an African bee subspecies which is even called the killer bee capable of adapting to the harsh and changeable climate of Pantelleria.