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Panormus, the school adopts the city, the XXVI edition dedicated to the sea and music is underway

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The pandemic has imposed a two-year stop on the Panormus project, the school adopts the city.
Today the longest-running cultural event in the city is back, born in the spring of 1994 from the will of the school and civil society to reclaim Palermo and its spaces.

53 schools involved

“Living the city at the rhythm of its sea” is the theme of this edition which will see students from 53 schools (6 kindergartens; 4 didactic directions; 27 lower secondary schools and SMS, of which 17 with musical address; 6 upper secondary schools and 10 peer schools) together with the girls and boys of 19 nurseries, animate the symbolic places of the maritime Palermo over the course of four weekends: 9-10 April, 23-24 April, 7 -8 May, 14-15 May.

The scheduled activities (games, theatrical and musical performances, workshops of all kinds) will take place between the Foro Italico, the S.
Erasmo pier, Mondello, Sferracavallo, Arenella, Romagnolo, Settecannoli and La Cala, involving – in addition to schools – numerous associations operating in those territories.
Adopting places that intertwine a relationship with the Mediterranean sea means bringing to light the babelic plot of the city, open to the coexistence of cultural and linguistic differences, in which it has survived and evolved.
The school adopts the city “, in fact, continues to maintain a vocation of urban pedagogy: from the adoption of monumental and environmental sites, the project today focuses on the deepening of issues of important social relevance such as multiculturalism, attention to female figure and, this year, the sea and music.

Grand finale at the Teatro Massimo on May 17th

On Tuesday 17 May the Massimo Theater will organize the final day of the event.
Pupils from seventeen musical institutes involved in the project will play and sing on the steps of Piazza Verdi and in some of the internal rooms of the Theater.

Marano hands over the keys of the city to the students

“Despite its position, in recent decades the link between Palermo and the sea has been urbanistically declassified and only recently rediscovered through a gradual re-appropriation: from the Cala to the Foro Italico in Sant’Erasmo, in a continuous process of redevelopment of the coast” , declared the commissioner Giovanna Marano who, as usual, gave the keys to the city to the students during the press conference.

“We know that listening to the musical rhythm of the sea leads us to reflection, meditation, to feel good.
Today, neuroscience studies show that observing the waters of the sea causes the brain to produce serotonin and dopamine, and that its inimitable blue is a powerful stress reliever.
Music, on the other hand, for the emotions and feelings it arouses, is the ‘voice of the soul’, a universal language, without territories or borders, a main tool for building dialogue, confrontation and peace between peoples ”.

Training course dedicated to the sea and music

To the common traits between sea and music and to the pedagogical and educational suggestions that these elements evoke, the training course was dedicated to the educational and teaching staff of the educational services and schools that have joined “Panormus.
The school adopts the city ”.
A path that made use, among others, of the interventions of Gianni Nuti, musicologist, pedagogist, mayor of Aosta; Marco Betta, composer and superintendent of the Teatro Massimo Palermo foundation; Elena Mignosi, university professor; Mauro Pandimiglio, pedagogist expert on the sea and inclusive projects.

In the weeks following the training course, thanks to the ideas collected, the teachers developed project proposals for their schools, uploading them to the “School Portal” site of the Municipality of Palermo, where a mechanism for participatory editing.

In memory of Alessandra Siracusa

“In memory of Alessandra Siragusa, to whom the city will dedicate a section of the Lungomare del Foro Italico – declared the Councilor for Culture and Toponymy, Mario Zito during the press conference – the activities start again after two years of stoppage due to the pandemic of Panormus, the School adopts the city.
The theme chosen for this edition, Living the city to the rhythm of its sea, wants to be an invitation for the entire city-community to find a ‘common’ breath that allows us to sing the Beauty of the city in polyphony of voices, colors of the sea, the voices of ‘seafarers’ “.

For Marco Betta, superintendent of the Teatro Massimo Foundation in Palermo, among the speakers at the press conference, “the collaboration between the Teatro Massimo and Panormus is renewed this year, an event that has always put children and young people at the center of its program and taking charge of the territories and its cultural institutions.
There are important things in life, but some are the things that remain: this relationship between schools, music and institutions is one of them, an integrated system that sows and is already bearing fruit ”.

Orlando “Panormus Project is a fundamental point of reference”

“The ‘Panormus.
The school adopts the city ‘has been a fundamental point of reference for the school community and for the whole city for years now ”, said Mayor Leoluca Orlando, who is engaged today in the session of the City Council.
“Through this project, the city school community expresses a fundamental role in the promotion and construction of rights.
We come from two years of pandemic that have upset parents, students, teachers, yet the Palermo school, despite the difficulties, has proved its worth, confirming the strong link between school, family and territory.
We are therefore preparing to live this event with enthusiasm to tell the beauties of our city and to learn how to take care of it “.

The program

9 – 10 April – Foro Italico

SMSA Pecoraro; childhood nests Lighthouse, Pelican, Dragonfly.
Musical workshops and performances; story telling and dramatization; scenographic sheet.

9 – 10 April – Pier S.

DD De Amicis; IC Di Vittorio; IC Rita Borsellino; kindergarten Titti School; Fantabosco nursery.
Reproduction of paintings by the artist Maurilio Catalano and dramatization of the Odyssey and the adventures of Ulysses; graphic – pictorial activity; creating musical instruments and 3D windows that reproduce the calm and stormy sea; music and poetry workshops; reworking of the painting “The colors of life” by Vincent van Gogh; exhibition of watercolors.

23 – 24 April – Mondello SMS

Borgese XXVII May; kindergarten Free Arts; Peter Pan Nursery.
Song of African origin; graphic and pictorial representation of the sea and waves; “From the sea… to the sea”: a journey to discover the natural and environmental world of the sea; exploration and analysis of the maritime sound landscape accompanied by the artist of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale Pier Alfeo.

23 -24 April – Sferracavallo

Minutoli Institute; ISFP Cascino; Francesca Morvillo Nursery.
“The sea: aromas, flavors and tradition at the table”; tale of the story of the Rainbow fish; singing and building sounds with natural materials.

7 – 8 May – Arenella

Educated Maria Adelaide; IIS Duca Abbruzzi Libero Grassi; IC Sferracavallo; IC Lombardo Radice, IC Karol Woytjla Arenella; nursery schools Altarello, Giuseppe Di Matteo, Stella Marina, Withaker; Nursery schools: Kite, Sunflower, Jiminy Cricket, Ladybug, Pomegranate, Pink Panther, Pole Pole, Rallo, Santangelo, Tornatore; The House of Music; CBF Space Together 0/3.
Virtual trips to the places of the Acquasanta district; recitation of poems; sporting activity with canoe; tourist itinerary in stages; navigation simulation; laboratories for exploration, observation and discovery of elements belonging to the marine world; “A blue fairy tale… the sea”, creation of small aquariums and musical instruments; readings and tales on the sea with paths of observation, listening, manipulation and sensorial perception; construction of musical instruments with natural material; graphic – pictorial representation of the sea; “The box of the sea”: collection and custody of “memories of the sea”; representation of “Once upon a time Mago Popino”; team quiz games: “How well do you know your territory?”

May 14 – 15 – Romagnolo

IC Sperone Pertini; ICR Guttuso; IC Russo Raciti; ICG Scelsa; DD Cavallari; La Noce Deacon Center Waldensian Institute.
Creation of a beach-themed Diorama; creation of musical instruments and story of “Colapesce”; “What sound does silence make? The sound of the sea… ”: dance, music and figurative art; “The sea to listen to, the sea to feel, the sea to represent”: artistic, musical and dance productions.

May 14 – 15 – Settecannoli

Istituto Galileo Galilei Movement laboratory with simulation of the sea and waves and creation of musical instruments.

14 – 15 May – La Cala

IISS Ferrara; IISS Gioeni Trabia; IC Maneri Ingrassia Don Milani; IC Manzoni Impastato; IC Perez – Mother Teresa of Calcutta; IC Boccone; IC Mattarella Bonagia; CPIA Nelson Mandela ex Palermo; DD Gabelli; DD Garzilli; ICA Ugo; SMS Vittorio Emanuele Orlando; IIS Damiani Almeyda Crispi; Istituto Maria SS.
Del Rosario; nursery schools Nursery Rhyme, Poppy, Maria Pia di Savoia; ECONID; Pueri Social Cooperative Society.
Kite-building, painting and nautical workshop; graphic illustrations of the legend of “Colapesce” and Sicilian folk songs; realization with recycled materials of musical instruments that evoke the sound of the sea; creation of a painted sheet that reproduces the sea; singing and acting with themed dresses; photographic exhibition and musical performance; reading poems on the sea accompanied by music; educational visits, film screenings and theater and movement workshops.
The associations that have participated and collaborated with the schools: ASD Tecnonaval Team Canoa, Open Space Project Team, YOLK Ente Terzo Sector (ETS), Casa Lavoro and Prayer of Father Messina “Odysseus Project”; Lisca Bianca Association; Naval League; ACSI Delegation of Western Sicily; ASD Albaria.