Pandemia: Sicily Region provides 65 million in funding to businesses.

The regional council has approved the reallocation of €65 million to support Sicilian businesses. The funding, derived from savings in the Fesr 2014/20 Operational Plan, will be used to support companies in Sicily that have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Through a new agreement with Irfis, the resources will be used to accelerate the approval of funding applications. This additional funding will benefit approximately 1,000 businesses and bring the total amount of interest-free aid to €286 million. The government aims to ensure that all requests for assistance are met and that no European funds are left unused. The government’s strategy includes providing liquidity and credit guarantees to support businesses during this potential economic recovery phase. The eligibility of individual company applications has already been assessed by Irfis, which will expedite the allocation of funds. The government has been actively supporting Sicilian businesses, having already provided €100 million in funding in previous years. In addition, the Crias agency recently transferred €21 million to support almost 300 funding requests.

Pandemia, dalla Regione Sicilia 65 milioni di finanziamenti alle imprese

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