Panarea, squeezed against the wild landing of commuter tourists

After the protests for the “wild landing” of commuter tourists (following the closure of the port of Stromboli due to the damage caused by the mud) the mayor Riccardo Gullo has issued a new ordinance to regulate the influx of the two Aeolian islands. It will come into effect on Monday 22 August.

In Panarea and Stromboli, vaporettos from Calabria will be able to disembark passengers on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 to 14. Monday, Thursday and Saturday from 15 to 20.30. Vaporettos arriving from Sicily will be able to dock in Panarea and Stromboli on Monday, Thursday and Saturday from 9 to 14 and Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 15 to 20.30. Each vaporetto can dock only once and disembark no more than 100 passengers. The use of masks will be mandatory. The penalties range from 500 euros, except for more offenses.

The measure had been solicited by over 400 islanders with a petition also sent to the prefect of Messina. First signatory Edoardo Omero, lawyer and municipal delegate. “Together with the associations of the island together for Panarea and Noi di Panarea – says the lawyer Omero – we applaud the courageous and fair provision made by the administration in the person of the mayor Gullo in a moment of emergency as highlighted in the provision, limits are established after many years of non-regulation. This provision stems from an effective collaboration between residents, islanders and the municipal administration. When you create a system and collaborate all together, the results arrive. I thank the municipal administration, the municipal councilor Alessio Ferrara, the councilor Lucy Iacono and all those who collaborated “. (

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