Palms burned in Canicattì municipal villa, damage

An arson attack last night devastated the municipal villa of Canicattì (Agrigento). The flames were set on 7 Washington palms and one Ficus.

Incinerated by the flames, the falling plants also destroyed a seat. It was about two o’clock when all the fire brigade teams from the Canicattì detachment, police and carabinieri rushed to the scene. The mayor Vincenzo Corbo also arrived at Viale Della Vittoria.

The investigators, at dawn, after the fire was extinguished, have already acquired the videos of the video surveillance systems placed in the town hall. “I have already organized, and is in progress, a deep cleaning to ensure that our municipal villa is back to being usable immediately. This is yet another arson for Canicattì, an episode that must be strongly condemned both for the damage it has created, both for its meaning of incivility “, said the mayor of Canicattì, Vincenzo Corbo. “I thank the firefighters who, by intervening immediately, managed to limit the damage – he added – I am in contact with the police and carabinieri who I hope will shed light, in the shortest possible time, on these acts of pure vandalism. Acts that I strongly condemn because they are disturbing my entire community. I am sure that the video surveillance cameras, placed over the villa, will help the investigators to identify who has destroyed our splendid green corner “.


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