Palermo’s zero impact bench no longer plays a role

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From an extra weapon to a symbol of an emotionally flat team: the Palermo bench has ceased to be a determining factor during the game, no longer providing Corini with the guarantees of impact on the match. Even against Venezia, the five substitutions did not contribute to the offensive play of the team, with wrong technical choices and a lack of clarity in ball management. The coach will need to reflect on these issues ahead of the end of the season, as every match lasts ninety minutes and considering the quality players in the Palermo squad, the reserves must provide an equivalent contribution to the starters.

The last goal from the bench was scored on February 10th by Soleri against Feralpisalò for a temporary 0-2 lead. Since then, the team has not found goals from substitutes and has shown overall mediocrity in the second halves. In the last five games, the only goal after the 45th minute was scored by Brunori against Ternana, mostly due to luck. There have been few attempts on goal and many confused and inconclusive attacks.

Against Venezia, those expecting a strong second half after a difficult first half were disappointed. It seemed as if the Palermo team was the one trailing by two goals, unable to react or stop the opponents’ attacks. Corini had to make early defensive changes, bringing on new players who did not meet expectations. Even the highly anticipated Traorè failed to make an impact, highlighting the issues with the team’s bench. The coach must find solutions, both tactically and emotionally, to overcome these challenges.

Impatto zero, la panchina del Palermo adesso non incide più

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