Palermo’s ‘Sfincia, Sfincione, and Friends’: A Three-day Gastronomic Celebration

A three-day event dedicated to the taste and excellence of Sicilian cuisine is taking place at Villa Filippina in Piazza San Francesco di Paola 18. From today until September 17th, there will be stands offering food and beverages. The event will also include performances, music, and a children’s area. Stefano Piazza will be the presenter, alongside other entertainers who will showcase the energy and passion of Sicilian culture. There will be specially designed workshops for families to introduce children to the pleasures of cooking and local traditions in a fun and educational way. The main attraction of the event will be the various versions of “U sfinciuni,” a Sicilian pastry. The event is organized by the Urania association of Villa Filippina, with the sponsorship of the regional Department of Productive Activities.

“Sfincia, sfincione and friends”, a Palermo una tre giorni dedicata al gusto

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