Palermo’s response to vandals: a sports field at Madre Teresa di Calcutta school

The Madre Teresa Calcutta comprehensive institute, vandalized in the via Fiume complex in Palermo, is at the center of a new investment approved by the Municipality. Last Friday, the council, chaired by Mayor Roberto Lagalla, approved a project to create a sports area in the central atrium. A multi-purpose field will be built for the benefit of the 74 kindergarten students, 163 primary school students, and 243 secondary school students. The intervention also includes equipment. The funding comes through the Pnrr. The notice had been published in December 2021 by the Ministry of Education, which in January this year signed a funding agreement with the Municipality. The total cost is 170 thousand euros. The works will be delivered by December 31st. The works must be completed within five months. The proposal was put forward in the council by the Education Councilor Aristide Tamajo. “Inside the Perez-Madre Teresa di Calcutta school,” says Tamajo, “a beautiful multipurpose field will soon be created in an area that is currently unused and semi-abandoned. In the school’s atrium, a space dedicated to socialization and sports activities (with a basketball and volleyball court) will be created in a few months, as well as a play area for younger children. I think that sport is one of the most effective weapons against school dropout.”

Palermo, la risposta del Comune ai vandali: un campo sportivo nella scuola Madre Teresa di Calcutta

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