Palermo’s Rap President: “Seventh tank at Bellolampo to be installed this week”

Giuseppe Todaro, president of Rap, the company responsible for waste collection and disposal in Palermo, expresses confidence in the delivery of the seventh Bellolampo tank by the Region within the next week. The recently signed ordinance by Mayor Roberto Lagalla allows for the continued use of mobile crushing and screening equipment, as well as immediate utilization of the new tank while excluding the almost full third and fourth tanks. Todaro acknowledges the efforts of regional technicians and the Energy and Public Utilities Assessor Roberto Di Mauro in achieving this milestone. He emphasizes the importance of avoiding the transfer of waste to other provinces, which would have cost the municipal administration around five million euros per month.

Palermo, il presidente della Rap: «In settimana la settima vasca a Bellolampo»

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