Palermo’s prosecutors call for closing the case on the dead child in Sharm.

Italian justice would not have jurisdiction over the investigation into the death of Andrea Mirabile, the 6-year-old boy from Palermo who died a year ago in Sharm el Sheikh while on vacation with his parents at a luxury resort. This is the conclusion reached by the Prosecutor’s Office in Palermo, which, after one year of investigations, has requested that the case be closed. If the judge accepts the request, the Egyptian judicial authority would be solely responsible for the investigation. After the child’s parents filed a complaint, the magistrates appointed a team of consultants to determine the cause of death. According to the experts, the medical professional at the clinic did not address the illness promptly and effectively. After experiencing initial symptoms, the victim was only prescribed medication for food poisoning. The child’s condition deteriorated further and he was eventually hospitalized, but it was too late. After suffering from severe dehydration due to a severe case of diarrhea, Andrea and his parents fell ill shortly after arriving in Egypt. While the mother, who was four months pregnant at the time, experienced mild symptoms, the child and his father quickly worsened. Andrea died shortly after arriving at the international hospital in Sharm, where resuscitation efforts were unsuccessful. The father was then transported to Palermo with a plane provided by the insurance company they had contracted before their trip. He was treated for severe kidney problems and discharged a few days later.

Il bimbo morto a Sharm: i pm di Palermo chiedono l’archiviazione

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