Palermo’s Policlinico offers free online platform for drug adverse reactions in Dentistry

The Paolo Giaccone Polyclinic in Palermo has launched a self-e-learning platform as part of the project “Adr in Dentistry in the Information Age: From Reporting to Specialist Visit with a Click”, funded by the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA). The project is led by the Palermo Polyclinic, with Professor Giuseppina Campisi as the scientific coordinator. The platform represents a novelty in the Italian and international landscape, providing dentists and students with quick and flexible access to educational resources. The self-e-learning approach integrates traditional learning methods with modern technology, allowing professionals to expand their knowledge and improve their skills in adverse drug reactions in dentistry. The platform includes digital content such as interactive quizzes and an atlas, providing support for dental professionals. The quizzes, developed by Professor Campisi and doctors Gaetano La Mantia and Daniele Montemaggiore, can be completed in approximately 15 minutes, and a minimum score of 60% is required for a positive evaluation. Test takers can retake the quizzes and access further explanations for correct and incorrect answers. The flexibility and accessibility offered by digital resources make this learning method effective for integrating education into daily work or leisure time, promoting continuous learning and saving time and financial resources. However, challenges like self-discipline and assessment of learning need to be addressed to fully benefit from self-e-learning in dentistry.

Il Policlinico di Palermo rilascia on-line una piattaforma gratuita di self-e-learning per le reazioni avverse ai farmaci in Odontoiatria

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