Palermo’s Mediterranean Fair can once again host major events

The Palermo Mediterranean Fair is taking back its role as a host for major events. The Economic Development Area of the Municipality, with the support of the Public Works Area, has presented the certified notification of fire prevention for pavilions 16, 20, and 20A. This authorization had expired in 2021 when the vaccination hub was still present. The mayor, Roberto Lagalla, stated that the city is reclaiming an important part of the fairground and that the use of these three pavilions is crucial for the development of the exhibition sector. The municipal assessor for productive activities, Giuliano Forzinetti, mentioned that there are already several requests for this year and for 2024. The public works assessor, Totò Orlando, added that after the pavilions are put into operation, they will be able to boost the 3 million euro framework agreement that will partially contribute to the overall revitalization of the fairground.

Palermo, la Fiera del Mediterraneo può tornare ad ospitare i grandi eventi

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