Palermo’s Maritain School in Borgo Nuovo tackles weeds before reopening: Reset will clean everything

Weeds continue to fill the gardens and schoolyards of Borgo Nuovo, but Reset assures that everything will be in order for the start of the school year. In the fifth district, many schools are overwhelmed by poorly maintained vegetation just a few days before the September 13th start of classes. In particular, the area in front of the Giacomo Maritain nursery school is one of the worst examples of the state of the neighborhood’s schools. The school has reported that the last maintenance work was done in late spring, and since then there has been no sign of the Reset operators. Teachers and principals are hoping to speed up the operations as they prepare to welcome students in less than ten days. Andrea Aiello, president of the fifth district, is the spokesperson for the principals and urges action to be taken. The company explains that operations were interrupted due to extraordinary work for the Santa Rosalia celebrations, but everything will be recovered by the start of the school year. They assure that everything will be cleaned up and in order, and invite principals to report any problems for immediate intervention.

Palermo, a Borgo Nuovo la scuola Maritain tra le erbacce: “Reset pulirà tutto prima della riapertura”

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