Palermo’s Lucioni brings anger and determination to Genoa

Palermo defender Fabio Lucioni remains positive and focused after the team’s recent home defeat against Lecco. He believes that these losses will only make them stronger and is determined to work hard under the guidance of his coach. Lucioni acknowledges that although they played well in terms of ball possession, they were unable to convert their chances and need to be more clever and opportunistic in front of goal. However, he sees the defeat as a minor setback and has already shifted his focus to the next game against Sampdoria. Lucioni views Sampdoria as a struggling team but still considers them as one of the top contenders for promotion. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive mindset and motivation, saying that these defeats should serve as a learning experience to come back stronger. Lucioni has faith in the team’s approach and aims to impose their game style in future matches. He believes that they need to stay united and keep moving in the right direction to achieve great success, with the support of the fans.

Palermo, la rabbia e la grinta di Lucioni: «A Genova col coltello tra i denti»

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