Palermo’s Kepalle solidarity arancina: Machine delivered to Children’s hospital

The article talks about KePalle Arancine d’Autore, a traditional food business in Palermo, which decided to donate all proceeds from sales on December 13th to purchase a state-of-the-art capillaroscope for the Children’s Hospital of Palermo. This device will help make non-invasive diagnoses on young patients. The initiative was a success thanks to the support of customers who purchased arancine on that day. The equipment was delivered to the hospital in the presence of various medical and local authorities. The owner of KePalle highlighted the importance of giving back to the community and expressed hope that other entrepreneurs would follow suit. The article also mentions the commitment of the business to continue making delicious arancine for everyone to enjoy.

Palermo, l’arancina solidale di Kepalle: consegnato il macchinario all’ospedale dei Bambini

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