Palermo’s immersive exhibition on Frida Kahlo: 3D glasses and LED screens.

Palermo is currently hosting several art exhibitions, including a showcase of Frida Kahlo’s life through photographs and a virtual and multimedia experience of her artwork at Palazzo Mazzarino. The exhibition, presented by Olympo Cdc Holding, will allow visitors to immerse themselves in Kahlo’s personal life and artistic journey through 3D goggles and LED screens. The exhibition will cover various stages of the artist’s life, from her childhood in Coyoacán to her tumultuous relationship with her father and her love affair with Diego Rivera. It will also feature a selection of photographs capturing both well-known moments and intimate glimpses into Kahlo’s life. The exhibition aims to provide a unique and emotional experience for visitors to understand the essence of Kahlo, her strength, courage, talent, and infinite love for Diego and life itself. The exhibition will be open daily, and tickets can be purchased online.

Palermo, visori in 3D e schermi a led: a Palermo la mostra immersiva su Frida Kahlo

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