Palermo’s historic center monuments restoration: design and construction services awarded

The municipality of Palermo has awarded the design and work management services for the restoration of historic municipal buildings in the city center funded by the Institutional Development Contract. The integrated project for the redevelopment of Palermo’s historic center, financed by the Ministry of Culture, is proceeding according to schedule, with a budget of almost 74 million euros. A number of restorations and enhancement projects for historic buildings have been awarded contracts, including the restoration of the Carmelite Monastery, completion of the renovation of the Santa Maria allo Spasimo complex, and projects for various other historic landmarks. The mayor emphasized the importance of restoring the historic center to increase livability, tourist attractiveness, and reduce congestion. The city council is now planning for the most suitable functions to be introduced into the areas of Piazza Magione, Piazza Kalsa, and Via Maqueda, to further stimulate development.4

Palermo, il restauro dei monumenti del centro storico: aggiudicati i servizi di progettazione e lavori

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