Palermo’s Guerrilla for Tax Evasion: Organized Suspects in Military Style

The article describes the incidents of violence that occurred in Palermo during the celebrations of San Giuseppe. There were clashes between young people and minors who threw bottles and objects at the police. Investigations led to the denunciation of 18 people in various neighborhoods where large piles of wood were found ready to be set on fire. The police intervened preventively to avoid further damage. In some areas, such as Bonagia and Oreto, wood piles were removed to prevent them from being lit. In Montepellegrino, a wood dump was dismantled near a hospitality institute. Tensions were high in the Kalsa, Ballarò/Albergheria, and piazza Sant’Anna al Capo neighborhoods, where the police faced resistance and violence from those responsible for the wood piles. Investigations identified 25 people involved, with 18 being denounced, including 14 minors. The individuals face charges related to vandalism, throwing dangerous objects, arson, resistance, and setting off fireworks and explosives. The investigation revealed a concerning level of organization among the individuals involved in the clashes, with specific roles assigned to different individuals to carry out the violent actions.

La guerriglia per le vampe a Palermo, la questura: gli indagati organizzati in modo militare

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