Palermo’s Food Bank: “Charities must not ask anything from the poor, not even a free offering”

The goal of the Banco Alimentare is to assist those who live in a state of poverty and marginalization, and they express regret when they discover that some associations are not respecting their agreement. Santo Giordano, the president of Banco Alimentare Sicilia Occidentale, condemns those who take advantage of European aid for personal gain. They receive occasional reports of this behavior and take action by revoking or suspending agreements when necessary. They collect large quantities of food from European aid, supermarkets, and private donations, and distribute them to those in need. They do not tolerate associations charging for food distribution, as their goal is to provide assistance for free. They believe that if an association cannot cover their own expenses, they should not be taking on the responsibility of food distribution.

Palermo, il Banco Alimentare: «Le associazioni non devono chiedere nulla ai poveri, nemmeno un’offerta libera»

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