Palermo’s Enav donates ambulance to Policlinico (characters: 52)

The ambulance fleet of the Policlinico di Palermo is being renewed. This morning, Enav, the company that manages air traffic in Italy, delivered a rescue vehicle to the hospital on Via del Vespro. The ambulance was originally donated to the Covid commission of the Fiera del Mediterraneo, led by Renato Costa. Pasqualino Monti, the new CEO of Enav, emphasized the company’s commitment to social responsibility. He revealed that the ambulance donation was made possible by Enav executives sacrificing their bonuses and raising additional funds. Another 35 thousand euros will be used to purchase an electric vehicle, which will also be donated to the same hospital. Renato Costa, the former commissioner of the Covid structure in Palermo, praised the unity and hard work of the community during the pandemic. The commission collaborated closely with Enav and the port authority, conducting around 700,000 tests. Costa believes that this gesture of donation serves as a reminder of the important period but also encourages moving forward and focusing on the positive aspects emerging from the crisis.

Palermo, l’Enav regala un’ambulanza al Policlinico

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