Palermo. «Zero Molestie» project, Sinalp against violence against women

D al 1999, thanks to the UN, every year on 25 November reminds us that gender-based violence is unfortunately still a widespread reality to be fought, and that the road ahead is still long and difficult.

It is often thought that this violence is widespread only in those countries where there is a dictatorial regime or where there are customs, including religious ones, which admit and justify violence against women.

But in reality this is unfortunately not the case. In addition to the nations in the conditions as mentioned above, even the “civilized” Western world is experiencing this social scourge and is struggling to free itself from it.

Violence is not only physical violence, which exists and no one can deny it, but there is also a psychological and subtle violence that is constantly perpetrated in the workplace against women.

Aware of these gender inequalities perpetrated in different work environments, the Regional Directorate of Sinalp Sicily with its Secretary Dr. Andrea Monteleone already in 1999 gave life to the project, “ZERO HARASSMENT “in defense of women who still suffer both physical and psychological violence at work.

This Project, strongly desired by all the trade union leaders of Sinalp Sicilia, has uncovered a negative reality and Sicilian women finally have an extra tool to defend themselves.

Clearly no one thinks that the “ZERO HARASSMENT” Project is the perfect solution to the problem.

Many aspects can and must be improved, but being able to give concrete trade union assistance today and make a team of lawyers from the Sinalp Sicilia Legal Office available to women, who ask for our help, is certainly a first concrete step towards real equality between men and women in the world of work.

But in addition to these services, thanks to the ZERO MOLESTIE Project, Sinalp is able to assist and help women in difficulty also through the Accountants and Labor Consultants who have given their willingness to actively participate in this initiative.

The Secretary Sinalp Sicilia Andrea Monteleone likes to be able to declare that in addition to the beautiful initiatives of solidarity and the beautiful words of the occasion, Sinalp acts concretely and puts his “face” in the difficult battle for the real professional integration between man and woman.

The ZERO MOLESTIE Project Desk is available to all women who want concrete help or even simply free advice to understand what are the real correct attitudes within the company where they work.

We must have the strength to fight fear and denounce, only by being aware of this will we win the difficult battle of gender equality.

22 November 2021 | 10: 56