Palermo, Zamparini asks the British for 50 million for compensation and image damage

Palermo, -zamparini-asks-the-British-50-million-for-compensation-and-damage-to-image

Fifty million euros, thirty by way of damages for the episode itself and twenty for the image. It is the sum that the former patron of the old Palermo football team Maurizio Zamparini asks the English of Sport Capital Group Investments Ltd and the mediators Corrado Coen, Emanuele Facile and Maurizio Belli as part of the negotiation that led Zamparini himself to sell his own club. to the English fund Sport Capital Group Investments Ltd. Zamparini, with the Gasda family holding company, disputes damage for “contractual fraud and decisive willful misconduct”.

Representing Zamparini is the lawyer Carlo Canal. The summons was filed with the court of Busto Arsizio. In the numerous pages in which the moments of the negotiation that led Zamparini to sell the club to the English fund are reconstructed, who then handed over the shares to the former Zamparini sporting director Rino Foschi, before the Tuttolomondo last owners of Palermo took over before the bankruptcy , the contacts between Zamparini, Coen and the English representatives are told; the realization of the sales project; the establishment of the international fund and the discovery, according to the indictment, of fraud for the unregistered fund itself; the sale of the club and everything that happened after the sale of Palermo by Zamparini.