Palermo, Yoox net-a-porter dispute: new sit-in of call center workers

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Yoox’s customer care activity will pass from the first of April with the change of contract from Abramo to the Transcom company.
A transit that would put the workplaces of 47 operators at risk

New sit-in today in Palermo in support of the Yoox net-a-porter dispute, whose customer care activity, entrusted for six years to the Abramo call center with 47 workers, will pass to the Swedish Transcom.
From 10 to 13 in front of the office of the Department of Labor of the Sicilian Region, in via Trinacria, 3, the workers will protest together with the trade unions Slc-Cgil, Fistel-Cisl and Uilcom-Uil.
In recent days, with the workers who have maintained the garrison in Piazza Pretoria, a meeting took place between the mayor Leoluca Orlando, the municipal councilor for Labor Giovanna Marano and the trade unions.
The customer care activity of Yoox, a leading company in online luxury and fashion, will pass from 1 April with the change of contract from Abramo to the Transcom company.
A transit that would jeopardize the workplace of 47 operators employed in the order.
The count down has already begun and the tension is mounting.

“Nasty operation”

“As a trade union party – they say Francesco Brugnone of the Slc Cgil Palermo secretariat e Rosy Outline of the Uilcom Uil Palermo secretariat – we have illustrated, in detail, the profound drama that could be unleashed in just under 7 days and which would harm the professionalism, competence and dignity of these workers.
Moreover, this nefarious Transcom and Yoox operation would be yet another episode of relocation that would once again bring the work done for years in Italy, abroad.
Mayor Orlando and councilor Marano immediately took action to inform the Ministry of Labor, reiterating that Yoox, let alone Transcom, must not be allowed to disregard the application of the social clause – conclude Brugnone and Contorno -.
This dangerous precedent would affect not only the workers of the Yoox contract in Palermo but the whole Tlc sector “.

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