Palermo, works in the Cathedral area: via the asphalt comes the historic paving

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This is an intervention plan envisaged in the framework agreement drawn up by the historic city office and by the design group headed by architect Giuseppe Prestigiacomo

I’m work started to replace theasphalt with the historic paving in via Matteo Bonello in the area of ​​the cathedral in Palermo.

A intervention plan provided for in the framework agreement drawn up by the historic city office and the design group directed by the architect Giuseppe Prestigiacomo.

What the plan entails

The plan provides for the redevelopment of numerous streets in the historic center which are part of the Arab-Norman route with the replacement of the asphalt with the paving stones of the ‘900.
The intervention started in recent days near the cathedral.

The agreement provides for an expense of over 5 million euros to carry out conservation interventions in the areas of the historic center near the main monuments of the city.

Safeguard the historic streets of Palermo

“A project that has the main priority – reads the agreement – to safeguard the historic pavements of the roadways and sidewalks that over time have suffered damage due to the intense vehicular traffic of recent decades, indiscriminate parking and execution improper interventions to restore networks and sub services that have definitively distorted the original surfaces, erasing the historical image of the ancient paving stones “.

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