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Palermo. Women and children who are victims of violence outside the communities. Caronia: “After physical violence comes bureaucratic violence”

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“I raised the alarm a few months ago and unfortunately my fears are materializing: dozens of women and children victims of violence will be expelled from the communities that host them because the Municipality of Palermo, in an incredible short-circuit between different offices and between the Municipality and the Region, in fact, has stopped payments for dozens of welfare agencies.The news that some of these women and children could be expelled from the communities in the next few days can only raise alarm, because they are fragile and very fragile people , victims of physical and psychological violence who cannot now be affected by the violence of the bureaucracy.
The Municipality had undertaken to streamline the bureaucratic procedures, also through the use of a massive computerization of the sector, but after months nothing has been done and many communities are now close to bankruptcy, not receiving payments for several months.
Faced with a situation of substantial immobility on the part of the municipal administration, I can only ask for an intervention from the Prefect, in order to avoid the worsening of a situation of very serious social emergency that will affect the entire community.

This was declared by Marianna Caronia after the news that about 30 women and children victims of violence, transferred to the community on the recommendation of the Court, will be forced to leave the same communities due to the non-payment of costs by the Municipality of Palermo.

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