Palermo woman’s bank account violated: bank to reimburse her funds

In this content, an elderly woman from Palermo had her bank account emptied within 48 hours through eight instant transfers to unknown individuals in Spanish banks. The victim contacted the customer service of her bank and blocked her account, but the bank refused to cancel the transfers, even though the total amount exceeded the daily payment limit of 60,000 euros. The bank has now been ordered by the court to reimburse the victim for the full amount, including interest and legal fees, totaling over 100,000 euros. The victim sought legal assistance and argued that the bank should be held responsible for any fraudulent operations as it is obliged to take necessary measures to protect its customers. The bank, in its defense, brought a telecommunication company to court, claiming that the victim’s SIM card was cloned and used to access her bank account. However, the court rejected this argument and held the bank solely responsible for the reimbursement.

Palermo, le svuotano il conto violando l’app: la banca dovrà restituirle i soldi

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