Palermo wins Unicredit’s StartCup Sicilia with pollution monitoring sensor; 5 other projects make it to the national finals.

BioRESystem (University of Palermo) has won the 2023 edition of StartCup Sicilia, held at the UniCredit Sicily Regional Office in Palermo. BioRESystem aims to develop a service based on an environmental sensor capable of studying the real-time effects of air pollutants on a replicated respiratory mucosa ex vivo. The service monitors the release of specific molecules (pro-inflammatory and cellular stress indicators) to assess their macroscopic and microscopic effects. The target customers include environmental consulting companies, research institutes, laboratories conducting targeted analysis on the effects of environmental exposure on human respiratory mucosa, as well as government agencies, private enterprises, and healthcare facilities. The competition featured entrepreneurial ideas selected from competitions organized by the Universities of Catania, Messina, and Palermo. The finalists, including BioRESystem, BioTappo (University of Catania), Smart Knee (University of Catania), Low-Cost Portable Instrumentation for Solar Cell Parameters (University of Messina), Algaemining (University of Palermo), and Easy-G (University of Palermo), will participate in the national innovation prize held in Milan on November 30th and December 1st. BioTappo received a special Green & Blue mention. The award ceremony was opened by speeches from Salvatore Malandrino, UniCredit Italy Regional Manager for Sicily, and Massimo Midiri, Rector of the University of Palermo. Elevator pitches were then presented by the finalists, and the winners were announced by Roberto Cassata, UniCredit Italy’s Development Manager for the Sicilian territory.

Con un sensore per controllare l’inquinamento Palermo vince la StartCup Sicilia di Unicredit: in finale nazionale altri 5 progetti

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